University of Maryland Library

About the Collection

The University of Maryland has a small but growing collection of artists’ books and fine press works. This is a teaching collection, and has been used by college, graduate, and high school classes. The collection includes some sculptural works and artists’ books that play with the typical conventions of the book.

Finding Artists’ Books

Search for artists’ books at the University of Maryland by using the WorldCat UMD catalog. Under Advanced Search, use the first pull-down menu and select “Subject.” Type “artists’ books” into the free text field to the right. Below, under “Narrow your search,” select “Maryland Room Collections, Hornbake Library.” Hit the search button. In addition to examples of artists’ books, this search yields reference books about artists’ books. You can also search for fine press books by searching for “Fine press Specimens” as subject, and narrowing your search by “Maryland Room Collections, Hornbake Library.”

How to Get There

Hornbake Library North, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742

The University of Maryland has eight libraries. You can find artists’ books along with rare books, archives, and Marylandia in Hornbake Library. To get to the university campus, you can either drive or take public transportation. Driving directions and parking instructions can be found here. By public transportation, take the Green line to College Park. The university offers a shuttle to campus, which you can board outside the station. At the final stop of the shuttle, cross the street to Hornbake Library North. Use the entrance facing the plaza. The Maryland Room is across from the front entrance and has a glass front.

What to Expect

You don’t have to make an appointment beforehand, but be sure to bring your ID with you. Since this is an academic library, hours shift based on the semester schedule. Check the website for opening times before you go. Before you enter the Maryland Room, leave your bag in an adjacent locker. A staff member will buzz you in. The library staff at the desk will help you register and assist you with your research. For questions, call the library at 301-405-9212.

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