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About the Collection

George Mason University is located outside of DC in Northern Virginia, but the growing collection of artists’ books is worth the trip. With over 250 books, the collection focuses on established artists, regional artists, works that showcase the variety of the medium, and books with themes and subjects that resonate with faculty and classes. This is a teaching collection. To show students the breadth of the book art field, the collection contains a wide range of styles, genres, artists, and media. The collection includes some work produced by students at George Mason.

Finding Artists’ Books

A keyword search of “artists’ books” in the catalog seems to pull many relevant records. Other, more specific searches, such as “small press books” or “pop-up books” give different results. Another way to search is by using the builder search in the classic catalog. First, click the “Set Limits” button on the right. Under “Location,” select “Fenwick Special Collections,” then click the “Set Limits” button. Type “artists’ books” in the text box, select “keyword anywhere” and hit the search button. There are many ways to search for artists’ books at George Mason, so try out different strategies and see what you find. The George Mason Artist Book InfoGuide provides other suggestions for searching the catalog. In the InfoGuide, you can also see images of some examples from the collection and learn more about the genre.

 How to Get There

4400 University Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030

Artists’ books are housed in the Fenwick Library Special Collections Department. Once you get to the library, Special Collections is on the second floor, in Room C-204. Directions to the campus are available here.

What to Expect

Schedule an appointment with the to view artists’ books from the collection. If you have more questions about the collection, or want to use it as part of a class, contact the . If you’re unfamiliar with the campus, allow extra time for transportation and to find the library.

Other Resources

George Mason Artist Book InfoGuide

Tactile Texts: Artist Books & Faculty/Student Engagement

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